Getting started learning


Mio Standard Edition, which contains a wealth of electronic modules and mechanical parts, supports a variety of graphical and high-level language programming software. It has nearly 100 creative gameplays, which encourage children to learn the knowledge of STEAM field in the process of using.

Advanced learning

Mio Extend A

Mio expansion A, built-in more than ten kinds of basic sensor modules, aluminum alloy structural parts and other accessories, easy to unlock hexa-pod robots, digital thermometers and other robot forms, further deepen the understanding of robots, stimulate potential and creativity.

In-depth study

Mio Extend B

Mio expansion B, built-in more than ten kinds of advanced sensor modules, aluminum structural parts and other accessories, programmable remote control handle M-Remote, LCD screen and Internet of Things module, etc, can easily open Mio multiple play and creative extension.

Downloads more

Mio robot textbook

Creative play

  • Mio Maze Robot

  • Mio Fire Fighting Robot

  • Mio UAV Delivery Robot

  • Mio Relay Robot

Competition play

  • Robot Cross-country Competition(17)

  • Robot Transport Competition

  • Robot Cross-country Competition(18)

  • Robot Relay Competition

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