Digital Thermometer


A thermometer is a tool that can accurately determine and measure temperature, and is divided into a pointer thermometer and a digital thermometer. The thermometer is roughly classified into a gas thermometer, a resistance thermometer, a thermocouple thermometer, a pointer thermometer, a glass tube thermometer, a pressure thermometer, and a mercury thermometer. Thermometers are often used to measure the temperature or room temperature of an object and are one of our most common measuring devices. Simply imagine how to use the temperature sensor to detect the temperature of the surrounding environment and visually display the degree of the thermometer?

Parts List:

Temperature sensor, 3IO expansion module (5V), digital tube module, expression panel and other sensor modules, 12-hole angle aluminum and other mechanical parts, screws, nuts, gaskets and other hardware accessories.


Assembly method:

Install the digital tube module on the Mio chassis and pay attention to the Mio main board. At the same time, the temperature sensor module is connected to the 3IO expansion module and connected to the main control board interface of Mio.


Funny Mio:

Press the red button and combination button of the infrared remote control to switch the digital thermometer corresponding program. When the metal probe is placed on the object to be measured or the object to be tested, the digital tube will automatically display the detected temperature. It should be noted that the expression panel displays the temperature value in degrees Celsius. The metal probe is completely wrapped and tested better during the test.

Scene application:

1. “Digital Thermometer” in the manual.

2.  “temperature control fan” in the intermediate version of the textbook.


1. Pay attention to the interface connection sequence between the sensor and the main board.