Chasing Light Hunter


Follow the light hunter and use the Ambient light sensor to assemble a chasing light expert!

Parts List:

Sensor modules such as Ambient light sensor, mechanical parts such as double-row 4-hole aluminum parts, screws, nuts, gaskets and other hardware accessories.


Assembly method:

The Ambient light sensor is combined with the double-row aluminum parts on the left and right sides of the Mio chassis and connected to the Mio main board.


Funny Mio:

Use with the infrared remote control, press the combination button to switch the chasing hunter corresponding program. If there is an obstacle in front, stop the movement, otherwise move to the stronger side according to the light intensity on the left and right sides. If it is lower than the programmed value, continue to move forward.

Scene application:

1. "Chasing the hunter" in the manual.

2, the intermediate version of the textbook "chasing hunters."


1. Pay attention to the interface connection sequence between the sensor and the main board.