Colorful World


Our world is colorful. Living in the city encounters different situations every day. But we can't change the color of our body with the environment like a chameleon, but we can use the knowledge we have learned to assemble. A "chameleon" robot that protects itself in the robot world, allowing it to change with the color of the world.

Parts List:

Color recognition sensor, on-board LED and other sensor modules, double-row 4 hole aluminum parts, double row 3 hole aluminum parts and other mechanical parts, screws, nuts, gaskets and other hardware accessories.


Assembly method:

A color recognition sensor is mounted on the side of Mio Robot in combination with a porous aluminum member. (Note that it is connected to the Mio main board.)


Funny Mio:

Use with the infrared remote control, press the combination button to switch the colorful world corresponding program. Place the Mio-Colorful World Robot on the Mio scene map. When the robot is turned on, it will automatically travel according to the ultrasonic detection, and recognize the color according to the program command and make corresponding actions.

Scene application:

1. "Colorful World" in the manual.

2. "Colorful World" in the advanced version of the textbook.


1. Pay attention to the interface connection sequence between the sensor and the main board.