Drawing Robot


We use Mio to make a robot that can be drawn, and use a pen to let Mio draw the pattern that I want.

Parts List:

Code motor drive, motor and other sensor modules, pen holders and other mechanical parts, screws, nuts, gaskets and other hardware accessories.


Assembly method:

Install the encoder motor on both sides of the Mio body, install the code motor drive, and connect it to the Mio main control board. Install the pen holder behind the car body and use it with the infrared remote control.


Funny Mio:

Use with the infrared remote control, press the combination button to switch the drawing robot corresponding program. Feel free to press any of the infrared remote control keys and the ok button, the Mio-drawing robot can draw the preset pattern of the program on the ground.

Scene application:

1. "Drawing robot" in the manual.


1. Pay attention to the interface connection sequence between the sensor and the main board.