Mio Robot


Mio is a popular programmable educational robot that contains a wealth of electronic modules and mechanical components, supports a variety of graphical programming software, allowing children to fully learn STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) in the field of use. Knowledge, exercise hands-on ability, develop logical thinking, open the door to the scientific world for children.


Parts List:

Mio main board and sensor modules such as ultrasonic module, patrol-line sensor, mechanical parts such as chassis and wheel hub, screws, nuts, gaskets and other hardware accessories.


Assembly method:

Install the motor, rear wheel, hub, etc. on both sides of the Mio main chassis, and mount the Mio main board and battery on the Mio chassis using components such as copper posts. Connect the line inspection module, ultrasonic distance measurement module, etc. to the Mio main board with the RJ25 cable.


Funny Mio:

1. Infrared remote control, use the buttons on the remote control to control the forward, backward, left turn, right turn movement of the robot, and also switch the line mode, obstacle avoidance mode, control mode and switch robot speed.

2, mobile APP, you can use the phone or tablet to control the robot to achieve forward, backward, left turn, right turn and other operations, you can switch RGB LED color, play Mio music and switch various dynamic expressions and so on. The robot can be controlled using graphical programming blocks.

3, PC-side software, you can use the graphical programming command block to control the robot to achieve a variety of simple operations, but also Arduino code-based programming, Python code-based programming operations.

Scene application:

1. Patrol mode, obstacle avoidance mode, remote control mode, APP operation, PC programming, etc.

2, supporting learning to know Mio, concerts, beautiful cities, big fish eating small fish, smart street lights, the power of sound, the charm of expressions, smart pinball, sports charm, wireless remote control, safety first, burglar alarm, 16-course coursework such as race trackers, flexible robots, versatile robots, and mathematics abilities.

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