Burglar Alarm


With the strengthening of crime prevention work, burglar alarms have received more and more attention and application. The human body infrared sensor, an infrared pyroelectric sensor capable of detecting a stationary human body, is composed of a lens, a photosensitive element, a photosensitive circuit, a mechanical part, and a mechanical control part.

In modern intelligent family life, burglar alarm has become an indispensable part of smart home. In this case, we use human body infrared sensor and MP3 module in Mio sensor module to make a burglar alarm.

Parts List:

Sensor modules such as human body infrared sensor, MP3 module, double-row 4-hole aluminum parts and other mechanical parts, screws, nuts, gaskets and other hardware accessories.


Assembly method:

Install the human body infrared sensor and MP3 module in the corresponding position of the Mio body, and connect the corresponding interface of the Mio main board with the RJ25 cable.


Funny Mio:

Press the red button and combination button of the infrared remote control to switch to the corresponding program of the burglar alarm. Turn on the anti-theft alarm continuous detection mode. If the human body infrared sensor detects someone's activity, the alarm sound will be played and the red light will flash.

Scene application:

1. “Burglar alarm” in the manual.

2. "Intelligent Alert" in the intermediate textbook.


1. Pay attention to the interface connection sequence between the sensor and the main board.