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  • Robo3block 3.0

    Robo3block 3.0 is a graphical programming software developed by Robo3 based on Scratch3.0. It supports graphical to Arduino C, Python one-button switching and real-time code translation, and will open more open source hardware and artificial intelligence



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  • Robo3block 2.0

    Robo3block 2.0 is a PC-side graphical programming software developed by Robo3 based on MIT's Scratch2.0. It supports graphical one-click switching and real-time code translation for Arduino C. It uses the programming method of building blocks to let child

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  • Mio APP

    This is an app specially developed for Mio programming robots. Using Bluetooth Ble 4.0, the software can control the movement, expression, sound and light display of the Mio programming robot. It can control the robot to switch the patrol-line mode and ob

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  • Robo3 Assistant v2.2

    The Robo3 Assistant is a green download tool for downloading special firmware.Users can download pre-designed firmware (.HEX) files to the Mio robot main control board.Easy to use, It is easy to operate and easy to use. It is usually used to download spec

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