Question: Which sensors are included in Mio Robot Extension Pack A?

The scientific experiment suite of Mio robots has 14 extended sensor modules.


Potentiometer module: The core device of rotary potentiometer is an adjustable resistor, which can change the return value of the module (0 ~ 1023) by changing the adjustable resistance value through the knob. Typical applications: speed regulating fan, dimmer lamp.


Temperature sensor: The metal probe of the temperature sensor can directly detect the temperature of the object being touched, or the room temperature. Typical applications: thermometer, temperature control fan.


Human body sensor: The main component of human body sensor is a human body infrared receiver, which can detect whether there are people or animals in a certain range, and return the information to the Mio motherboard. Typical application: anti-theft alarm.


Multi-button module: Multi-button module can detect the status of the left and right buttons of the module at the same time, and return the information to the Mio motherboard. Typical applications: game consoles, key games, calculators, etc.


RJ25 Extension Module: The RJ25 Extension Module is mainly used to extend more RJ25 interfaces. One Extension Module can extend two Extension Interfaces.


130 motor module: 130 motor module supports PWM speed regulation, rotation and stop. Typical applications: fire extinguishing robots, speed regulating fans and so on.


Full-color LED lamp belt: There are 10 full-color LED lights on the lamp belt, which can display RGB color through color matching. Typical application: Colorful music player.


Digital Tube Module: The core component of the module is a 4-bit digital tube, which can display the data range of -999.


To 9999). Typical applications: digital thermometer, digital ruler.


MP3 module: The module can play music files stored in SD card. Users can download their favorite songs through USB and store them in SD cards. The module supports basic controls such as playback, pause and volume adjustment. Typical applications: MP3 music player.


3IO Extension Module: This module is mainly used to expand the commonly used 3-wire signal sensor or module. Module voltage 5V. Module support functions: temperature sensor 18B20, digital level input and output, 10-bit analog voltage, acquisition (return the relative size of 0-1024), driving multi-color LED light band.


Dual-way motor drive module: Dual-way motor drive module can drive two DC motors at the same time, and the control mode is the same as on-board motor interface. Typical applications: music player, multi-channel DC deceleration motor expansion.


Standard motor: Standard motor is composed of DC motor, deceleration unit and other motor components. It needs to cooperate with the motor drive module to use on-board motor drive.


9G steering gear: 9g steering gear can achieve accurate angle control, mostly used for robot joints or some scenes with high angle requirements.