Question: Which sensors are included in Mio Extension Pack B (Exploration Lab Suite)?

The Mio Robot Exploration Experiment Kit has 15 extended sensor modules.


Flame sensor: There are five probes on the flame sensor that can detect the flame. The intensity information of flame in all directions can be detected, and then the exact position of flame can be judged. Typical applications: fire extinguishing robots.


Multiplex Patrol Sensor: Multiplex Patrol Sensor has 5 pairs of infrared counterparts, each of which can return to two states, 0 or 1. Mainly used to deal with complex intersection or patrol scenarios.


Color Recognition Sensor: The core component of this module is a color sensor. The sensor judges the color of the detected object according to the relative proportion of R (red) G (green) B (blue) three color components in the color of the reflected light from different colors. Typical applications: Facebook robots.


Gyroscope module: The core components of gyroscope module are accelerometer and gyroscope, which can detect the rotation angle of the module on the three coordinate axes of XYZ. The angle range is (-90 +90). Typical applications: Balancing car, Facebook Robot.


Programmable Bluetooth Remote Controller: Under Mio's default program, the remote controller can be used to control the motor, steering gear, RGB lights and so on of the Mio robot. Custom functions can also be realized through programming.


LCD LCD screen module: LCD screen can realize complex pattern display, simple drawing, display characters and display pictures in SD card. Flash module with the default 50 pictures. Typical applications: Facebook robots.


130 motor module: 130 motor module supports PWM speed regulation, rotation and stop. Typical applications: fire extinguishing robots, speed regulating fans and so on.


RJ25 Extension Module: The RJ25 Extension Module is mainly used to extend more RJ25 interfaces. One Extension Module can extend two Extension Interfaces.


Internet of Things module: Internet of Things module can replace the Bluetooth module of Mio robot, realize the networking function of Mio robot and support python programming function.


Coding motor drive module: This module is mainly used to drive the coding motor, which can detect the speed of the coding motor. It is applied to some occasions where the motion state and trajectory of the robot are more demanding.


Coding motor: Coding motor is composed of DC motor, deceleration unit, encoder and other motor components. It needs to cooperate with the motor drive module to use on-board motor drive.


3IO Extension Module: This module is mainly used to expand the commonly used 3-line signal driver module. Module Voltage: Battery Voltage. This module can drive steering gear, 130 motor module, relay and other devices which need high current drive.


995 steering gear: 995 steering gear can achieve accurate angle control, mostly used for robot joints or some scenes with high angle requirements.


High Voltage Batteries:


9G steering gear: 9g steering gear can achieve accurate angle control, mostly used for robot joints or some scenes with high angle requirements.