Question: How many control modes are there for Mio robots?

control equipment

Communication mode

Usage method




Using USB cable to connect the USB interface of Mio master board, we can use Robo3 Block software on PC to control Mio wirelessly.


Direct connection and control of Mio robots. Or offline downloaders will be used.

Deficiency: Strip-line operation will constrain the action of robots.


Using the standard version of Mio Bluetooth host module and the built-in Bluetooth slave module of the main control board, we can use PC Robo3 Block software to control Mio wireless.

Optimal: Wireless connection and control of Mio robots. Simple connection and free control.



Offline downloads are not supported and can only be controlled online.

Mobile end (APP)


Bluetooth 4.0

Using Mio's mobile app, you can connect the Mio robot with Bluetooth. Then the wireless control and programming of Mio robot are realized.

Optimal: Connect and control Mio robots directly by mobile phone or flat panel wireless. Simple connection and free control.


Lack: Suitable for some simple application scenarios, without complex programming.

Infrared remote controller


The wireless control of Mio robot can also be realized by using the infrared remote controller in the standard package.

Excellent: Simple control.


Deficiency: Suitable for simple command operation, not adjustable speed or some dynamic changes

Programmable remote control handle

Bluetooth 4.0

The wireless control of Mio robot can be realized by using the programmable Bluetooth handle in Expansion Packet B and pressing the key to the code.

Excellent: It can realize speed regulation or multi-motor control, suitable for competition and complex application scenarios.


Lack: Some special scenarios need to be programmed separately.