London World Educational Technology Exhibition (BETT)


The London World Educational Technology Exhibition (BETT) is a grand event in the field of global education and an influential exhibition of educational instruments and equipment. Founded in 1985, the exhibition is held once a year, sponsored by the world-famous British EMAP Group and sponsored by the British Association of Educational Suppliers. As a high-quality platform for exhibition and exchange, the exhibition has been devoted to providing valuable exchange opportunities for both supply and demand sides in the field of education and promoting the innovation and development of the education industry for many years.

This year, the grand event arrived on schedule. From January 23 to January 26, the London World Educational Technology Exhibition (BETT) was launched in EXECL Pavilion in London. This gathering of educators from all over the world is a great exchange feast.

The exhibition focuses on educational modernization and networked products, mainly including online courses and distance education equipment, audio-visual equipment, interactive whiteboard, computer, projector, scanner, printer, broadcasting equipment, network broadband, videoconferencing, telecommunication equipment, data storage, database, course software CD-ROM, drawing and publishing software and hardware products, optical instruments, security equipment. Technical support and service equipment, installation and maintenance equipment, school equipment, school furniture, school construction equipment, server products and software and other teaching equipment and related equipment.

The exhibition attracted 41,000 professional visitors from 131 countries (up 5% from the previous year), including 6,300 from schools, 3,200 from general institutions, 1,900 from private schools, 2,200 from institutions of higher learning, more than 600 enterprises, and international well-known companies: Microsoft, HP, Panasonic, SAMSUNG, SMART, TOSHIBA, EPSON, DELL, Google, participating in the annual exhibition. The exhibits are a collection of the most advanced and fashionable educational modernization and networking products, including the educational system of electrical equipment, teaching equipment, online courses and distance education equipment, audio-visual equipment, interactive electronic whiteboard, course software CD-ROM, information software, data resources, product support and services, experimental equipment, computers and notebooks and other IT equipment, video display. Taiwan products, school furniture and so on, hardware and software products are all available. Exhibitors have designed corresponding solutions for all aspects of education, bringing together all kinds of educational and teaching instruments and technical equipment at all levels in education and teaching.

This time, our ROBO3 brand and its new products are present, making a big appearance at the London Educational Equipment Exhibition booth! 

The London Fair is a feast for many distributors and manufacturers of educational equipment. The official media organizations in London also attach great importance to it. Moo programming education robot of Radish Cube not only attracted the attention of many visitors and dealers at the exhibition, but also attracted interviews from London media reporters. It was very popular and the visitors were endless.

In this exhibition, Mio Programming Education Robot attracts a special group of "audience" - lovely students. They are the future and core of the world. It is their existence that makes robot education, STEAM education prospects, and millions of educational undertakers see hope and motivation. The original intention of the research and development of Mio robots is to solve the pain point of educational robots, promote STEAM education, popularize robot education, so that every child has a unique Mio robot.

It is hoped that through this London exhibition, more robot enthusiasts and exhibitors in the world will know and understand Mio programming education robots. Let more children like Mio robots, let robot education really into every child's world, let them have their own unique robots.