2018 Shandong Education Equipment Exhibition


From September 28 to 30, the 2018 Shandong Education Equipment Exposition and the 4th Uniform Design Competition were held in Linyi. The Ministry of Education is concerned about the Deputy Director of the Next Generation Working Committee, Wang Fu, President of China Education Equipment Industry Association, Jing Ge, a second-level inspector of Shandong Education Department, Zhang Yulan, Vice Mayor of Linyi People's Government, and other provinces and municipalities who are responsible for educational equipment, industry experts, etc. were invited to attend relevant activities.


The Expo is hosted by the Education Department of Shandong Province and the People's Government of Linyi City, and is hosted by the Educational Technology and Equipment Service Center of Shandong Province and the Education Bureau of Linyi City. At the Expo, there were more than 370 exhibitors and more than 1400 exhibition booths, of which more than 90% were special exhibition booths.


At the same time, a forum on the deep integration of new technology and new equipment with education and teaching, an exchange of experience in the application of educational equipment, and a green campus were organized.


From all cities in the province, the educational equipment and logistic management departments of colleges and universities are in charge of comrades. Nearly 60,000 front-line staff of schools have conducted on-site visits and learning.

Exhibition scene


This time, our ROBO3 brand and its new products are present, making a heavy appearance at the Shandong Education Equipment Exhibition booth!

Robo3 block programming software compiled by Radish Cube is developed based on MIT MIT's graphical programming. It also supports a transformation of Arduino, Python and other programming language patterns, and completes the learning from graphical to coded programming.


This exhibition is a feast for many distributors and manufacturers of educational equipment. Official media organizations also attach great importance to the exhibition. Moo programming education robot of Radish Cube not only attracted the attention of many visitors and dealers in the exhibition, but also attracted the interviews of media reporters. It was very popular and the visitors were endless.