Spain International Educational Equipment Exhibition SIMO Educacion


On November 13-15, 2018, SIMO Educacion (hereinafter referred to as SIMO Educacion) of Madrid International Educational Supplies Exhibition, Spain, held at the Madrid Convention and Exhibition Center Ifema-Parque Ferial Juan Carlos. The Moo Programming Educational Robot from the Chinese Radish Cube Robot Team made a full appearance and participated in the Spanish International Educational Equipment Exhibition.


It is understood that SIMO Educacion is one of the largest and most influential exhibitions of educational equipment supplies in Spain. It is an international special exhibition of educational equipment supplies. It is held by IFEMA, Madrid International Exhibition Center, Spain. The exhibition covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The exhibition is held once a year.


Every year, SIMO Educacion attracts people from Spain and its surrounding countries, especially distributors, distributors and manufacturers of educational equipment and supplies in Spanish-speaking countries, and provides them with important opportunities to grasp the development trend of the industry and promote exchanges and cooperation. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote the latest products and services to the world.

The Radish Cube team from China was invited to participate this year with their self-developed Moo programming education robot. As an exhibitor from China, the staff of Radish Cube said that this is their most happy thing. At the same time, it is also the recognition and favor of their products in the market. It is also the driving force and direction for them to move forward: to show and promote to the world. Mio Programming Education Robot from China.

Mio Programming Educational Robot is an educational robot developed independently by the Radish Cube Robot Team, which integrates assembly and programming. It is divided into Mio Standard Edition, Mio Extension Pack A and Mio Extension Pack B. They correspond to their own exclusive learning textbooks - Mio Robot Creative Programming (Primary Edition, Intermediate Edition, Advanced Edition). An educational robot product suitable for children over 6 years old, robot enthusiasts and beginners, teachers to learn and teach. It plays an active role in training children's programming thinking, improving their practical ability and practical ability. The degree of learning is gradual from shallow to deep. A complete curriculum system can help children build a good and systematic robot learning system.



Robo3 block programming software compiled by Radish Cube is developed based on MIT MIT's graphical programming. It also supports a transformation of Arduino, Python and other programming language patterns, and completes the learning from graphical to coded programming.

The SIMO Educacion Exhibition in Spain is a feast for many distributors and manufacturers of educational equipment. Spanish official media organizations also attach great importance to the exhibition. Moo programming education robot of Radish Cube not only attracted the attention of many visitors and dealers in the exhibition, but also attracted the interview of Spanish media reporters. It was very popular and the visitors were endless.


In this exhibition, Mio Programming Education Robot attracts a special group of "audience" - lovely students. They are the future and core of the world. It is their existence that makes robot education, STEAM education prospects, and millions of educational undertakers see hope and motivation. The original intention of the research and development of Mio robots is to solve the pain point of educational robots, promote STEAM education, popularize robot education, so that every child has a unique Mio robot.

It is hoped that through this Spanish exhibition, more robot enthusiasts and exhibitors in the world will know and understand Mio programming education robots. Let more children like Mio robots, let robot education really into every child's world, let them have their own unique robots.