• Mio Robot 2019.01.04

    Mio is a popular programmable educational robot that contains a wealth of electronic modules and mechanical components, supports a variety of graphical programming software, allowing children to fully learn STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, ma

  • Game Machine 2019.03.21

    When it comes tosmall overlord, many parents of the post-80s and post-90s will feel more cordial, because it represents an era. The classic red-and-white machine launched by the small overlord in the 1990s swept the country, creating the most brilliant pa

  • Tentacle Insect 2019.03.21

    The tentacles are important tactile sensing organs of insects. In this case, we use limit switches and ultrasonic modules to simulate the tactile feedback and obstacle avoidance characteristics of insects.

  • Burglar Alarm 2019.03.21

    With the strengthening of crime prevention work, burglar alarms have received more and more attention and application. The human body infrared sensor, an infrared pyroelectric sensor capable of detecting a stationary human body, is composed of a lens, a p

  • Manipulator Robot 2019.03.21

    The manipulator robot can mimic some of the movements of the human hand and arm, grabbing, moving objects or operating tools in a fixed procedure.

  • Hexa-pod Robot 2019.01.04

    The hexapod robot is a simplified crawling robot that we bionic based on the hexapod. Through the linkage structure of the mechanical parts to simulate the insect's six-legged walking, the ultrasonic wave is used to detect whether there is an obstacle in

  • Digital Timer 2019.01.04

    A timer is a device that uses a specific principle to measure time. The user interface is easy to use and provides basic timing control functions, including: start timing, stop timing, continue timing, reset, and adjust timing.

  • Digital Thermometer 2019.03.21

    A thermometer is a tool that can accurately determine and measure temperature, and is divided into a pointer thermometer and a digital thermometer.

  • Speed-adjustable Fan 2019.01.04

    In summer, the fan is an indispensable standing. A fan refers to a device that relies on the wind to cool the wind. The electric fan is a device that generates airflow by electric driving, and the fan is configured to rotate after being energized, and the

  • Music Box 2019.03.21

    Music Box, also known as music box, is a mechanical pronunciation instrument. It was invented by Swiss watchmaker Anto Fabre in 1796.

  • Chasing Light Hunter 2019.03.21

    Follow the light hunter and use the Ambient light sensor to assemble a chasing light expert!

  • IOT Robot(Coming soon) 2019.01.04

    The development of Internet technology has accelerated the optimization and upgrading of the industry. Robots and the Internet of Things can also have wonderful flaws.

  • Colorful World 2019.01.04

    Our world is colorful. Living in the city encounters different situations every day. But we can't change the color of our body with the environment like a chameleon, but we can use the knowledge we have learned to assemble.

  • Drawing Robot 2019.01.04

    We use Mio to make a robot that can be drawn, and use a pen to let Mio draw the pattern that I want.

  • Face Variable Robot 2019.01.04

    Compared to the changing face that takes time to precipitate, Mio Robot combines different sensor modules to perform the function of changing faces.

  • Fire Fighting Robot 2019.01.04

    Use the sensor modules of the Mio robot to assemble the fire-fighting robot together, making it a city firefighter in the robot world, guarding every corner of the city and guarding the safety of the city.

  • Balance Car(Coming soon) 2019.01.04

    Electric balance car, also known as body car. Its principle of operation is mainly based on a basic principle called "Dynamic Stabilization".

  • Tank 2019.01.04

    Mio-tank robot, the elf that shuttles between the hills and hills, a good helper for land combat! Such as walking and moving forward, the battle of tanks in childhood games,everyone likes to play, use Mio's mechanical parts to assemble a tank robot.

  • UAV Delivery Robot 2019.01.04

    UAV delivery robots will become a good helper for human beings in the future development of urban warehousing logistics.

  • Ultrasonic Radar 2019.01.04

    The ultrasound advances like a wave, and when it encounters an obstacle, it is reflected back and passed to the bat's ear.