• Robot Transport Competition 2019.03.21

    In Mio's creative play method, we developed a scenario creative play method of automatic delivery

  • Robot Relay Competition 2019.03.21

    Robot relay race is one of the methods of robot competition unit playing. The coordination ability of multiple robots and the programming ability of the competing mobile robots are investigated.

  • Robot cross-country competition(2017) 2019.03.21

    Robot relay race is the most common and necessary unit in robot race. Just like relay race in the human world, it needs cooperation between robots and robots, and also requires contestants to write adaptive programs.

  • Robot Cross-country Competition(2018) 2019.03.21

    From childhood to adulthood, every time the children hold a sports meeting is the happiest time, in the sports field can feel the pleasure of every athlete for every minute, also can feel the mystery of sports spirit.